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"I am forever grateful for the incredible journey Damian and I have shared over the past two years. His compassion, empathy, and expertise have been life-changing for me. Damian's guidance has helped me navigate my emotions and uncover healing I never thought possible. While the road to healing is ongoing, Damian has been an essential part in guiding and supporting me as I embark on this journey. He has been by my side through every tear and breakthrough, creating a safe space where I could truly be myself. Damian has not just been my therapist but an angel who has helped me rediscover my strength and self-worth. Thank you, Damian, for being the guiding light on my path to healing."




"Damian was an incredible help as I was going through some big life changes in 2020, helping me build my self confidence and work through depression. I returned for new sessions in 2023 and have once again found myself finding great benefit in the work we do. Damian is astute, supportive and I have been so at ease doing the work with him at all times. In whatever issue I would bring to our sessions there was never any judgement and over time I've found it incredibly rewarding in the work to see however minor I may think a problem is that I brought to the session it helped bring clarity to the larger issues I was working through. I could not recommend Damian's services highly enough."



"I worked with Damian for the better part of a year. He has been a constant source of support and growth in what was a very difficult time. I have made significant strides mentally and emotionally because I was lucky enough to find his practice. Thank you Damian for the exercises and change in perspective you’ve given me. I'm a better person because of your help."

"I was unsure of what to expect going into therapy but working with Damian has far surpassed my expectations. I was able to unpack so many past traumas over the year that we worked together and understand the impact on my day to day life. Whatever I brought to the table: whether relationship, lack of self-esteem or stress, Damian was an invaluable source of help throughout. I am grateful to have found Damian's practice and can say with confidence that I am far more self-aware, confident and in control of how I think about myself because of his impact on my life."

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